I am happy to say that we are re-opening our doors Monday June 1st.
We are super excited to have a wonderful class schedule for you to attend at our studio location or via Zoom. 
To do so you must register for your class trough the Mindbody App on your tablet or phone.  That way we can practice social distancing and keep everyone safe.
  Thank you and Be Safe
  Rachel, Owner, Fitness In Motion
  One Star Diamond Beachbody Coach
Schedule Starting June 1st


9:15 Muscle Blast with Sabra 

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Meeting ID: 885 350 395
Password: 660507

10:15am Zumba with Rachel

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Meeting ID: 875 9085 3280
Password: 983662

5:15pm Zumba with Beth 

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Meeting ID: 559 568 006
Password: 418609


5:30 Weightlifting with Jordan 

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Meeting ID: 574 455 282
Password: 022209

6:15pm Cross Box Diane starts June 15th

6:15pm Pilates Plus with Dianna 

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Meeting ID: 558 912 760
Password: 844013


9:15am Zumba Toning Rachel

10:30am Relax and Stretch Rachel

5:15pm Zumba Toning Rachel

5:30pm Weightlifting Jordan 

6:30 Yoga Rachel



9:15am Muscle Blast Sabra 

9:15am PIYO Bert 

5:15pm BollyX Jasmine 

5:15pm Muscle Blast Megan 

6:15pm Zumba Megan 



8:30am Weightlifting Deb 

9:15am Pound Fit Rachel

10:15am Relax and Stretch Rachel

5:15pm Zumba Rachel 

5:30pm Weightlifting Jordan 

6:15pm Barre Blend Rachel 

6:15pm PIYO Diane 



9:15am TurboBlast Rachel 

10:30am Barre Blend Rachel 

6pm Zumba Megan 


9:00am CrossBox 

9:30am Zumba Toning Rachel 

10:30am Yoga Rachel 



1pm PIYO Diane 

2pm Zumba Rachel/Meagan B.

3pm Barre Blend Rachel 

3:30pm Relax and Stretch Rachel